“…to say I’m impressed would be an understatement.”


*Year on year comparison (Mabo Media management month 6 vs month 18).


East Durham College had worked with numerous PPC agencies in the past and moved between them without finding an agency they felt offered both value for money or produced the results they were looking for.

The goal of their AdWords account is to drive applications to their various courses and to generate enquiries from potential students.


There had been technical issues in the past with conversion tracking that meant previous agencies were not only unable to report accurately on their impact, but also didn’t have the correct tools to successfully optimise the account. Mabo Media worked closely with EDC to resolve the technical issues within the first couple of weeks of service. We also focused closely on budget allocation to prioritise for the seasonality associated with the industry to make sure we were delivering the most clicks during the periods when application and enquiry numbers were highest.


The first couple of months of the service saw great success to AdWords metrics such as cost per click and average position, but due to the lack of conversion tracking it was difficult to tell the impact on the true KPI of applications and enquiries. However as the first few months past we began to see consistent improvements to conversion and CPA metrics.



Since breaking into our own Year on Year comparisons we’re seeing the true impact of the optimisation we’ve completed. The account was even reviewed by a rival digital agency who praised the work we’d done and suggested EDC remain with our service.

“East Durham College have now worked with Mabo Media for just over a year, and to say I’m impressed would be an understatement. It is so refreshing to work with a digital marketing company that don’t shroud PPC and online marketing in mystery. I’d worked with a number of online agencies in my seven years at the college and had never been fully happy with the work they did or the value for money their fees reflected for the campaigns they ran. That feeling stopped when I started working with Mabo. And the proof of the pudding….. they have reduced the Cost Per Conversion on our Adwords activity by about 50%. Result!”

Alistair Cummins-MacLeod | Director of Marketing & PR

Think your account is too complicated? Think again.