“…They never promised too much but have delivered on

all aspects of our account.




Decrease in Cost



AdWords stats

Increase in Transactions



AdWords stats

Increase in CTR



Decrease in CPC

*Year on year performance 6 months into service.


The UK flooring industry is one of the most difficult online. There is a significant number of sellers, many with a very aggressive approach to winning sales. Factory Direct Flooring came to us off the back of our experience managing PPC accounts in the flooring industry and the potential improvements we were able to point out during the consultation process.

Due to the very competitive nature of their industry Factory Direct Flooring had put a budget cap on their campaigns to avoid the AdWords spend running away with itself, but it quickly became clear that the budget as it was wasn’t being utilised to it’s full potential. Aggressively targeting high positions and under-utilising schedule, location and demographic layers meant the account was running out of budget too early in the day and not proportioning it correctly to get the most back from it. With other channels proving difficult, a greater reliance was needed on PPC to produce results.


The initial focus had to be on getting more bang for their buck. We aimed to set bid adjustments across various campaign settings and to restructure poor areas of the account for better quality score, in order to achieve a much lower average cost per click hopefully without having to sacrifice position too significantly.


Within a couple of weeks the volume of clicks began to increase as the cost per click decreased. From the restructuring of the campaigns and ad groups we were able to write and align keywords to more compelling ads meaning we actually saw an increase in the CTR as well.



Due to a long and complex purchase path for this type of product, the knock on impact of the traffic growth wasn’t fully appreciated until 2-3 months into the service when we started to see a significant impact on the sales volume. Since then budget has been re-evaluated to allow spend to go to the areas truly contributing to performance.

Factory direct flooring

Having moved my adwords account over to Mabo, I was very impressed with the totally professional way they have improved our account. They never promised too much but have delivered on all aspects of our account. If anyone is thinking of moving their PPC then checkout these guys first you will not be disappointed. GREAT SERVICE well done.

Paul Hambidge | Director

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