Feedem more than doubled their ROAS with automated bidding through Google Ads



After having poor previous agency experiences, Feedem were understandably skeptical about working with yet another agency and the introduction of more new strategies. Once they agreed to work alongside us we were handed a small initial budget and tight margins were set, therefore we knew we had to work closely with Feedem to prove ourselves.

After our initial conversation we began by pushing the products that we knew would work well, and have the biggest and the quickest impact. Once the positive results rolled in, we were confident to suggest implementing smart bidding, knowing that it would make a huge positive impact. We wanted a face to face meeting with Feedem so we could explain things in that little bit more detail and talk about what we would do moving forward and our hoped projections. It was important to us to gain their trust so we could continue growing the account and to ensure we hit the highest ROAS possible.


Feedem’s thoughts

“… We have been with Mabo for over a year now and so far I have only great things to say! Our PPC Account Manager has been helpful, knowledgeable in helping getting our PPC off the ground. The whole approach has been great & I would have no hesitation in recommending him or Mabo. We are looking forward to the working relationship building over the next few years and we can’t wait to see the growth increase.”

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