“…Tactical, strategic and agile, they’re always ahead of the game


FMP Global are the leading supplier of Payroll and HR Services. They deliver these services worldwide and came to us with the goal of taking their PPC to the next level. We were tasked with auditing their current paid search efforts and formulating a strategy that would steadily grow this channel of marketing. They required a flexible and fluid approach to their PPC that could quickly adapt to changing priorities.






It all started with Bond Payroll Services, one of the UK’s largest payroll providers. After initially providing a full audit we set in place a new two-pronged strategy to be delivered via the AdWords and the Bing Ads platforms. This was successful but a new challenge arose in the shape of a Management Buy Out (MBO) in August 2016 and change of brand name to FMP Payroll Services. We were set the task of seamlessly transferring all paid search efforts to the new brand name.


Take a number of successful PPC marketing campaigns and carry out a full brand change. The switch had to be instantaneous to avoid any down time and our main aim was to conserve as much historical Google Quality Score as possible to avoid any negative effects on main KPI’s such as the CPC (Cost per click). Efforts were made to solidify the new brand name in the market as well ensuring we were still present for any users looking for the previous brand name.


Using specialist tools we were able to carry out all the rebranding work needed ‘offline’ so that the brand change could effectively happen at the click of a mouse. In doing so we managed to protect vast areas of the accounts, keeping this historical data intact ultimately led to performance not only maintaining during this change but going on to improve under the new FMP Global name.


Face-to-face meetings with the client which greatly helped clarify strategy to move the account forward. This is an aspect of our service we actively encourage as
we believe it is often more effective to showcase our work to a client face-to-face rather than just via electronic means.

“I first came across Mabo in early 2016. I wanted to see whether PPC would benefit our business in the marketing mix. I’d run a small trial but wanted a step change that would up our game and drive lead creation. Mabo provided a good audit of what we needed to do and then managed everything to get us to the next level. I like the fact that their fees are on a sliding scale that made it cost effective to get them on board.

And since then they have delivered time and again. Ultra responsive and flexible to our changing priorities and a switch to a new website, the PPC has worked a treat. Tactical, strategic and agile, they’re always ahead of the game. Dean is a great asset to me and my company’s success. When we audited all of our agencies on acquisition there was only praise for what they have done for us. Highly recommended”

Gary Webb | Marketing Director

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