GB Outfitters came back to Mabo after being over promised by another agency.
Alongside Mabo they achieved their highest ROAS with a 174% increase.



Country clothing store GB Outfitters originally started out on Google Ads from the direction of their developers. They hit hurdles when it came to getting a good return so they stuck with a low budget hoping to see improvements.

When Mabo came on board we were able to identify straight away that the account structure was under-developed; our focus was on creating a structure that gave us the opportunity to better control bidding on both high and low products with an aim to expand search campaigns.

GB Outfitters thoughts

“… Performance and service significantly decreased at the other agencies and I ended up returning to Mabo when I shouldn’t have left in the first place. Performance is now returning to the level I had before I left and the customer service from Stephen my account manager is first rate. Don’t waste your time with free consultations just join Mabo and trust that they are looking after your business.”

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