*After engagement with Mabo Media in the Google Vanguard Programme vs the period immediately before.

Gorgeous Cottages are a family-run holiday company who launched in 2012 offering self-catering holidays in Yorkshire in some of the finest hand-picked cottages in the region.




The continuous advancement of mobile phone technology and usage in the last few years has completely changed the landscape for online advertisers. People no longer rely on their desktop PC’s and laptops to browse the internet as they have a device at hand whenever they have the need. This swing to mobile has been relatively quick and many advertisers were caught cold with a website that wasn’t catered to mobile users and didn’t showcase their products and services properly. Gorgeous Cottages weren’t one of those companies; they had adapted well to the transformation in the market and had a site that functioned well on mobile. However, on face value, the majority of conversions were still being completed on a desktop and with more and more users looking for an exclusively mobile journey we needed to make sure that we were ticking all the boxes to ensure a seamless path to conversion on a mobile device.


We had already been working with Gorgeous Cottages for a few months prior to being chosen as one of only five UK agencies (and one of ten worldwide) to take part in the Google Vanguard programme. The Vanguard programme was aimed to educate agencies on the true value of mobile and to offer higher levels of support and service to their clients to make sure they were truly harnessing the power of mobile traffic. We were given access to resources that were exclusive to Vanguard programme agencies and immediately selected Gorgeous Cottages as a company who could benefit from some of these. We had always had a good understanding of why mobile was important, but this armed us with an advanced technical understanding of how to really get the most from mobile. Alongside Google, we created two audits of the Gorgeous Cottages mobile website one aimed at improving the mobile site speed and another how to improve the mobile user experience. Gorgeous Cottages already scored pretty well on both audits and were doing a lot of the right things, but there were a couple of gems of advice that would further heighten the performance on mobile and hopefully aid them in converting a bit more of that mobile traffic



We worked closely with Gorgeous Cottages and their web developers to enact the suggested changes and once they were implemented we saw a fantastic improvement in the mobile conversion rate and an overall improvement to the engagement with the mobile site. While the face value stats (at the top of the page) show the excellent growth in mobile conversions, the true impact was even bigger, as the pattern of customers starting the journey on mobile and ending on desktop was still the bigger majority; but having captured their attention better on that first interaction on mobile we saw a knock-on benefit of converting more through desktop as well. This allowed us to really push mobile traffic further than ever before as it was now profitable to do so and means that we’re ahead of the curve to harness even more mobile traffic as that trend of mobile growth shows no signs of stopping.


Google was so impressed with the improvements in performance that they asked if they could make their own video case study to showcase the work we had done together! So they came to our office and to the Gorgeous Cottages office in Yorkshire with a film crew.

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