“I ended up returning to Mabo when I shouldn’t have left in the first place”


*Mabo Media management vs first agency

GB Outfitters are a country clothing store supplying only the finest products from carefully selected brands.


The GB Outfitters relationship with Mabo Media is fairly unique as we’ve actually had an interrupted period of service. Initially, GB Outfitters was convinced to begin investing in Google AdWords by their web development agency who took on the management of their campaigns. However, the return figures weren’t fantastic so the account was running on a low budget. They initially engaged with us to try and help grow the account at a more profitable level. This was achieved within a relatively short period of time and the account began to perform well. GB Outfitters was then approached by another PPC management agency who claimed they could take the account even further than we had managed. We defended our record, but the promises made by pursuing agency were too good to turn down, so the decision was made to switch (after all a change in agency had worked for them once already!). However the new agency wasn’t able to deliver on what was promised and in fact, the account took a significant downturn, so, following a further stint with another agency, GB Outfitters returned to us to see if we could once again get the account performing well.


During the first phase of our management, the focus was clear. The account structure was fairly under-developed and it meant for Google Shopping most of the traffic was being directed to a small selection of products, not all of which were performing. For search, only the most generic and obvious keywords were being targeted. We created a new structure that allowed for a better product spread within Google Shopping which gave us the opportunity to better control bidding on both high and low performing products. We also expanded the search campaigns to cover a greater variety of relevant searches with more emphasis on targeting the longtail late funnel searches.

When the account returned to our management following the stint at the other agencies the first thing we needed to do was to recover the structure that had worked so well previously. There had been changes to take away aspects of control for ease of management, but then, when there had been attempts to grow the account, the spend was split over too high a proportion of products, some of which weren’t performing. The bidding was also far too aggressive to achieve anywhere near the ROI goals of GB Outfitters so we had to get a handle on the cost per click. The other agencies failed to understand the key seasonality (around hunting season) and were chasing sales that weren’t necessarily there to be had.


After the initial restructure and data analysis in the first phase of management, we saw a significant improvement to the return on ad spend. The account reached its most profitable level and we then found opportunities to grow it further while maintaining (and actually improving) the ROAS.

Our second period of management was a little more difficult as we had to correct the mistakes of the previous agency, but we regained control during the weakest months of the year. The return to the old structure and the re-balancing of the bids saw a significant drop in wasted budget and gradually allowed the return to improve each month until we hit the season peak where we eventually broke new ground in terms of both profitability and volume. Thankfully the account is now back under control with a bidding strategy that allows for optimisation through all periods of the year.


We were so thankful that GB Outfitters returned to our service. There have been instances where we’ve lost clients to an over-selling rival in the past and they’ve felt too proud to return. Whenever a client leaves our service we try to make sure they leave on good terms and we’re available to them should they need to use us again. It’s understandable that sometimes businesses need to check if the grass is greener on the other side, and certainly to challenge the performance of a 3rd party service. But we were over the moon that GB Outfitters understood that we would always be there to help rebuild such a mutually beneficial relationship.

“After originally being a customer of Mabo and falling victim to cold calling and free reviews of the account from rival firms telling me they could do a better job I can honestly say that was a huge mistake. Performance and service significantly decreased at the other agencies and I ended up returning to Mabo when I shouldn’t have left in the first place. Performance is now returning to the level I had before I left and the customer service from Stephen my account manager is first rate. Don’t waste your time with free consultations just join Mabo and trust that they are looking after your business.”

 Johnny Bowen – Managing Director (on reviews.co.uk)

Not many agencies can boast a story such as this one. The results and the review speak for themselves. See how your business could benefit from speaking with the paid search specialists from Mabo Media.

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