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AdWords stats

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May 2018 vs October 2018


When Laura James joined forces with Mabo, they had never used Google Ads before. Being the first to take on the challenge of Laura James’ Google Ad account, we knew we were starting out from scratch. As an entirely new advertising channel for the client, we had to generate a substantial return for them quite quickly in order to gain their trust and build their confidence with this channel.


In the initial stages, we worked collaboratively with the client to fully understand their products and get the product feed ready. To do so we laid the foundations of — ads by setting up his plug-in for their Merchant Centre, then devising product types and categories based on the structure of the website. From this, we then created more specific campaigns with an immediate focus on ‘Furniture’, as we were already in peak season for these products. Following on from this, we aggressively increased bids across a ‘Garden’ campaign. This again smashed targets and delivered excellent results. As a result of this success, we increased the budget across all products, of which are all gaining traction.


In just 6 months of managing the clients Google Ads, we had increased transactions by 1105%. Since, we have seen a steady growth in revenue month on month. This increased revenue clearly highlights the impact Google Ads has had in terms of growth for the business, brand awareness and encouraging repeat custom. As a result of this success, our client is planning to increase the budget and has full confidence in the impact that PPC has on business growth.


When we first took on the challenge of Laura James, the site was struggling sales wise. The moment we turned on our PPC Campaigns, revenue and transactions from both paid and organic traffic went through the roof. Overall, the success of our Google Ads Management allowed Laura James to expand and increase their product range. Not only did this afford the client greater opportunities for increased revenue, but it also had the consequential effect of increased direct and organic traffic.

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