Lifestyle Fitness increased their conversions by 61.88% alongside a 37% cost per conversion decrease



Lifestyle Fitness had been running Google Ads for a while prior to bringing Mabo on board. Their Google Ads account was generating a reasonable number of sign ups (conversions), but they wanted to increase the contribution of paid search into their marketing mix and focus on increasing signs up across the UK further while maintaining profitability.

Mabo were excited to work with Lifestyle Fitness and we knew exactly where to start. To have full control and be able to optimise the account correctly, we began to build separate campaigns for each target location, doing this allowed us to tailer the ad text making it more personal to each location, and use unique keyword bids for each gym.

Lifestyle Fitness thoughts

Lifestyle Fitness recognise that Mabo got to know the business on a number of levels, and because we were able to work closely together the Google Ads account transformed it into something productive, cost-effective and profitable.

“Working with Mabo has been a truly fantastic experience. They’ve taken a project that has a number of unique challenges, and transformed it…”


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