“The service has been top notch…” 


*First 6 months of Mabo Media management vs same period previous year

McConnells Shoes is a modern family footwear business based in the heart of Mid Ulster, in Northern Ireland.


Prior to joining Mabo Media McConnell Shoes had been with numerous PPC agencies. As part of all our agreements clients are not signed into any fixed term contracts and are free to leave at any point without serving notice; McConnell Shoes admitted they intended to take advantage of that by doing what they had done with other agencies in the past – use our expertise for 3 months for a peak period and then most likely take the PPC account management back in-house until the next peak, unless we impressed them enough to convince them otherwise.

They had found that acceptable ROI was often only achieved during peak months (hence the tendency not to pay an agency outside of these periods), but they still hoped to see further improvements to the ROI previously achieved. That would allow for growth that they hadn’t really been able to go for previously due to keeping things within a profitable margin. There was also a need to change the budgets relatively frequently while always adhering to the agreed budget for any given period.


While the pattern of three month agency churn would be daunting for some PPC management companies, we saw it as a challenge to impress them enough to break the cycle. We quickly realised that the seasonal peaks were actually a result of the structure and management undertaken by previous agencies. While the structure allowed for children’s shoes to perform well, the campaigns weren’t adaptable enough to then switch focus and bidding strategies for adult shoes to pick up. So we built a structure to give each of womens, mens, girls and boys their own campaign to manage the data more effectively. This also made keeping in line with the changes in budget much easier as we could take from areas of lower performance or give to areas of high performance whenever the budget had to change.

We also recognised the need for a good level of communication between ourselves and the client. While this is crucial to the success of any PPC account, it was particularly important in this case as we had to make sure we were aware of any changes the clients end (eg. stock, prices etc) as well as utilising the client’s knowledge of the swings in seasonality. We also made them aware of small issues of trademark usage in the ad copy that they needed to request permission to use that was restricting a high performing campaign from triggering correctly.


By planning and controlling the account effectively as described above the optimisation not only became easier, but actually allowed us to go to levels the account had previously never experienced. Within a month we broke the account wide return on ad spend (R.O.A.S.) record and then by month two we not only further improved that, but actually achieved record revenue volume to boot. That then maintained and improved further meaning that the budget could be opened up as that growth was now available within highly profitable means.

By month three, because we had campaigns that could adapt for the seasonality, rather than seeing the expected drop we saw the account maintain great consistency in both ROI and sales. Also by helping the client iron out the slight issues such as trademark permissions we were maximising opportunities across the board.


Needless to say the considerable improvements coupled with the consistent high performance meant that the consideration of whether to end the service at the 3 month point was quickly deemed unnecessary and we’ve continued to work together to continue to make the most out of the AdWords performance.

We have experienced quite a few companies in relation to Google Adwords. Mabo Media are the first company to produce results worth talking about. Since we moved over to this guys the service has been top notch and the results are just as good.

Chris Hogshaw – Website Manager

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