New Cakes surpassed their ROAS aim by over 400%
and decreased their cost by 62%

          UK Search Awards 2018 Shortlist


New Cakes aim was to break even with their Google Ads spend but they felt things had hit a stand still. They found that although they were getting lots of calls, these were from people wanting to visit and collect cakes, not understanding that they only delivered.

One of the objectives when working with New Cakes was to ensure they were getting noticed by the right audience and giving out the correct message. Together we started rebuilding the account structure, which allowed us to create a separation between audiences, not only did this cut out waste utilising New Cakes budget but it also simplified the users journey and there were no mixed messages.

New Cakes thoughts

Once New Cakes had call tacking implemented into the Google Ads account as another avenue to help optimise traffic, New Cakes confirmed the quality of their calls were much better with customers knowing exactly what they did and who were ready to buy.

“…Since Mabo took over our account our performance has increased dramatically with a very healthy return on investment…”


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