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April 2017 vs April 2018

Objective and Focus

Sailboats came to Mabo in hope of achieving a 700% return on their account.

It was clear from the first glimpse of the account that in order to do this we would need to rebuild their Google Ads from the foundations.

Creativity and Implementation

The first step of managing the account started with a complete restructure of the Shopping Campaigns.

Initially, Sailboats had only split the Shopping account into 3 campaigns: Shopping by brand, Shopping – Chandlery and Shopping Boats. This lack of structure evidently resulted in mass crossover for the client. To remedy this, we restructured the campaign to mirror the client’s website layout, promoting a clear path and, in turn, helping identify different areas of profit margins. This was a clear win for the client as both profitability and return figures vary across the site. With this in mind, the restructure also removed the issue of crossovers within bidding.

Following on from this, we redirected focus away from brand to product type. As the differences were due to the type of product, not the brand this created scope for redistribution of spend to areas which returned at a higher value/ profit margins regardless of the brand.

We were then able to adopt an extremely refined approach to splitting the ad groups. We segmented them by the lowest level product type and then set bids at product ID level. This is arguably one of the most valuable changes we made within the account as this is the most granular as account management bidding can get. In turn, this focus and — gave us greater control of shopping impression shares, ultimately making it easier for us to control who we are competing against and how much we were bidding on each item.

Building on the success of the previous work, we took the account one step further by analysing the data within the clients Google Analytics. When we listened to what the data was telling us we discovered that there was a high percentage of users who did not convert during their first session on the site. To retain this audience and lead them along the path to conversion, we created a targeted audience for users who had previously visited the site. We then delved further into the data and found that there was a large percentage of users who converted on their fifth session on the site. This lead to the decision to create a specific audience for those who had previously had four sessions and engaged with the site for longer than two minutes, without converting.


The consistent improvement in statistical data is the clear highlight for this client. The innovation and creativity demonstrated within the account have allowed Sailboats to achieve a dramatically higher conversion rate at the fraction of their original cost. Our success with this account has built the clients confidence allowing them to trust us with their sister company.

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