Shades of Time

Designer Jewellery retailer, Shades of Time see revenue increase by 278%  working with Mabo.


When we started working with Shades of Time, they were generating a profitable return from their Google Ads advertising. But, it was only generating sales for a small number of brands and products. We had to create a strategy to help sell a wider range of products as well as increase profitability.

To ensure we would get good visibility of all brands to improve the volume of sales, we started to pull these brands which were exceeding the R.O.A.S. target out of our Google Smart Shopping campaigns into shopping campaigns using a manual bidding strategy. By doing this, we were able to improve the volume of sales for these particular products. In the meantime, we didn’t make any changes to the Smart Shopping Budget with more budget being pushed to the higher converting brands, therefore boosting the sales even further. We also did a Branded & Generic Split within the new Shopping Campaigns to help filter out irrelevant traffic and to save wasted spend and once the conversion numbers in these campaigns were high enough they were moved onto Google Smart Bidding using a  target R.O.A.S strategy.

Because we were able to rely on Google Smart Bidding for a large chunk of our bid management, we did create a new shopping feed for Shades of Time that we started to optimise to help increase relevant website visits and ultimately, sales.


The Thoughts Of Shades of Time;

“Very pleased Mabo and our account manager Holly in which we’ve seen our revenue double since signing up.”

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