“…Mabo Media have made vast improvements to our campaign, while at the same time keeping us constantly updated.”


The guys at Showers To You already had a really good understanding of PPC before we became involved as they had a Google Qualified Professional in-house, but they are part of an exceptionally competitive bathroom market so engaged with us to see if we could help increase sales further while making their account more efficient. We quickly identified a few opportunities on both sides and within a few weeks they were seeing an increase in sales volume at an improved R.O.I. – a trend that has continued consistently since.

We remain at the forefront of their battle to stay ahead of their competition, not only by continuing to optimise their PPC campaigns, but by working closely with them to offer support for advanced level Google Analytics analysis and by offering tips and suggestions for ways they can improve site conversion rates, the benefits of which have been felt by all branches of their online business and not just the PPC campaigns.

“Having recently taken over our PPC campaigns Mabo Media have made vast improvements to our campaign , while at the same time keeping us constantly updated with any changes they undertake. They have taken a genuine interest in our products and are keen to learn more about them to help them better manage their campaigns. Our account manager Rob has a wealth of PPC knowledge which has taught us alot even though we took the google exams to become a partner ourselves. Highly Recommend trying this company if you are looking to improve website sales or traffic.”

Jon Lee | IT Manager

Think your account is too complicated? Think again.