Shuperb broke records and achieved their highest revenue increase of 65%
with the help of Mabo.



Shuperb had previously worked with 3 different agencies, but following several bad experiences made the decision to bring the Google Ads management back in house. They managed to achieve their target ROI but it was proving difficult to increase the volume of sales.

The objective was to maintain profitability but increase revenue as they felt results had plateaued. From this, Shuperb joined forces with Mabo in hope of improving the value they were getting from Google Ads.

Shuperbs thoughts

Our client no longer perceives us as someone they employ, rather as part of their business. Shuperb make use of our expert knowledge to maximise the performance of their account and help their business grow.   

“2 years later, it’s the best decision I have ever made. Honest, transparent and to the point. They are open to your ideas and also suggest their own. I would highly recommend that you give the team at Mabo a chance.”

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