Leading Peugeot retailer Simon Bailes achieved 500+ conversions in their first year working with Mabo.



North East Peugeot dealership Simon Bailes’ frustrations were mounting. With limited access to their account and issues with tracking, they hit some hurdles that left them sceptical as to whether Google Ads was the correct route for them or not.

Mabo felt the best way to move forward and prove Google Ads worth was to create a new account alongside Simon Bailes.  This allowed them to have a better understanding of the processes, full visibility and ensure that new tracking codes and URLs were in place and all in working order, thus restoring their confidence.

Simon Bailes’ thoughts

“We are very happy with Mabo. They have helped us develop a presence on Google that actually converts into leads! They are very friendly and transparent which makes them a joy to work with.”


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