“Mabo Media are very friendly and transparent which makes them a joy to work with.”

Simon Bailes are a leading Peugeot retailer with three dealerships in the North East of England offering new and used Peugeot sales, Motability sales, parts, MOT and servicing.


Like many of our clients, Simon Bailes came to us as they weren’t happy with their prior agency experience. The old agency had administrative ownership of their AdWords account and only allowed them access to small amounts of data. There were also tracking issues for both AdWords and Google Analytics. As a result, there was scepticism about the validity of the data they were being sent and it was impossible to judge how much work was going into the account and what opportunities were there for further improvement. There was a feeling that the number of leads being generated from the budget could potentially be improved, but also that the lead quality was poor with enquiries coming from areas of the country Simon Bailes didn’t cover. In the end, the constant refusals for transparency lead to the conclusion that there must be something the agency are hiding and without any improvements of note, a move to an agency that gave full transparency was going to be the only way Simon Bailes could be assured that their money was being spent correctly.


Unfortunately, the previous agency refused to give up access to the existing AdWords account, so in order to ensure Simon Bailes kept full administrative control we created them a brand new account and granted them admin access while leaving ourselves only agency manager access. We then advised them on the various access levels in Google Analytics to ensure they held administrative control there too and any other users only had the appropriate and necessary levels of access.

In order to effectively measure performance, we advised on tracking fixes for Google Analytics and had the Simon Bailes web team set up call tracking and enquiry tracking on the website. Also, due to the complex sales process, we built tracking URLs that could link into Simon Bailes CRM system to enable us to track the full value of enquiries/leads. That allowed us (and Simon Bailes) full visibility of the performance of the PPC campaigns.

Some of the data from the previously included a list of keywords that were being targeted, so we had a thorough review of this list and incorporated any relevant terms into our own research and we then built new campaigns ensuring we incorporated our best practices for targeting, creative copy and control measures as well as ensuring the location targeting was specific to the areas covered by the Simon Bailes dealerships.


Due to the previous tracking issues and lack of comparable data, it was always going to be difficult to assess the impact from statistics alone so we were initially reliant on feedback from the client and the CRM data. However, it quickly became apparent that the account was in a much better state than it had been previously. Simon Bailes had noticed an increase in leads within the first couple of weeks, but also a significant improvement in the quality of these leads and yet we found that spending had been significantly decreased. We soon came to realise that the previous agency had been targeting the whole of the UK rather than the local area and as a result were wasting money (and time dealing with unsuccessful enquiries) on traffic outside of the regions covered by the dealerships. By freeing up that budget it allowed us to test new campaigns and AdWords products (such as display and video) to further enhance coverage in the local area.

Based on estimates of previous performance the client had given us a long-term cost per acquisition target to work towards that would be a significant improvement on the previous work. But we actually met and exceeded that target with two months such was the impact of the work we’d undertaken.


The biggest success though was that we’d been able to restore the client’s confidence in AdWords as a platform, in marketing agencies and in our industry as a whole. Unfortunately, we’re in a marketplace that has had its reputation damaged by the greed and questionable practices of some agencies, but by being honest and transparent through all aspects of our business we are able to build relationships with our clients built on trust and the mutual desire to succeed.


“We are very happy with Mabo Media as they have helped us develop a presence on Google that actually converts into leads! They are very friendly and transparent which makes them a joy to work with. Would definitely recommend!”
Jack Adair – Digital Marketing Executive
(on reviews.co.uk)

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