Mabo offer a fairly priced service that takes an awful lot of guesswork (and expenditure) out of the Adwords process.


*First six months of Mabo Media management vs previous period

Stolen goat was founded in 2012 and produce the highest performance cycling clothing and combine design, technology and business acumen to inspire and empower you to get out and Adventure More.




Stolen goat first engaged with us as they were looking to grow their brand online to be recognised as the go to brand for UK Cycling enthusiasts. They had attempted to use Google AdWords to help drive awareness but wanted to balance that with a level of profitability from their account which had proven hard to achieve previously.


We developed a strategy to drive relevant but performing traffic from Google AdWords through Google shopping campaigns and search campaigns targeting early funnel searches. The intention was to hit the ROI target set by the client but also build the volume of brand searches over time. The products are largely seasonal (with cycling being a sport for the better weather months) and we began work directly in the middle of that peak which meant we had to hit the ground running, but also prepare the account for the inevitable slow down into the autumn/winter months.


The initial work took hold fairly quickly and, within a few weeks, we were starting to meet the ROI target we’d been set. Using multi-click attribution we were able to analyse which non-brand searches were generating later funnel brand clicks and conversions and then bid accordingly (as well as move away from searches not contributing). Having an impact on the volume of brand searches was always going to be a slightly longer process, but we saw consistent growth in brand impressions month to month. And considering we were then coming down from the seasonal peak, the trend should really have been the opposite. But by October (our first month being June) we had seen a 21% increase in brand searches.

As a result of the high performance of the campaigns and the consistency that is now being achieved in growing their brand in the UK market, the client has been able to look at expanding internationally and has plans in place to now grow the brand through the US and Australia.


Naturally, in seasonal peaks, our job is always easier. The difficulty in many accounts is adapting to the changing market trends and one of the biggest achievements in the stolen goat account is the performance in the winter months of our first year. We worked closely with the client to react to any shifting patterns and actually saw the ROI target improve even further. And despite the expected traffic drops, the boost in performance felt from the early funnel searches and the growth of brand searches meant that the AdWords account maintained a fantastic level of sales that didn’t reflect the traffic pattern at all.


“Mabo offer a fairly priced service that takes an awful lot of guesswork (and expenditure) out of the Adwords process. A friendly team that works with you to improve your ROI each month. We’ll certainly be using them for the foreseeable future.”

 Tim Bland – MD & Founder (on

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