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Sustainable Furniture broke all revenue records through Google Ads during the lockdown period. 



Like a lot of retailers, the UK Lockdown period proved to be a testing time for the furniture retailer, Sustainable Furniture. Although Sustainable Furniture had been working alongside Mabo for a long period of time, this was did create the need for a seismic change of the Google Ads advertising. 

During March and April, the product range goes from predominantly indoor to including a wide range of outdoor furniture as well. We did change our strategy for this like we would do every year. Now we knew we had another huge obstacle to overcome, lockdown restrictions.

This meant we had to be very clever with our ad copy, use of negative keywords and ongoing optimisation. The lockdown certainly did bring a new challenge for us, but one we were confident of overcoming.

Jonathan Colman, PPC Team Manager:

“I have been working with Sustainable Furniture since 2016 and I feel we had got into a really good working routine, especially when it comes to the change of seasons. The Lockdown period was announced and I knew we had to change our strategy quickly and effectively as this is Sustainable Furniture’s main advertising channel. I feel we achieved this and helped them achieve some fantastic results along the way”


What does Sustainable Furniture think?

“At first I was very sceptical but the results are outstanding. I have no hesitation in recommending Mabo.”

Would you like to see results like what Sustainable Furniture have seen from their Google Ads advertising? If so, get in touch. We would love to hear from you.