With a Microsoft Advertising specific structure in place Taunton Leisure
continued to exceed revenue targets throughout 2019.



Outdoor specialists Taunton Leisure joined forces with Mabo for both their Google Ads and Microsoft Ads Advertising management at the start of 2019. Whilst their Google Ads account needed a revamp, their Microsoft Advertising account was an area that needed a bit more attention.

Taunton’s Microsoft Ads account was imported straight from Google Ads, this might make sense time wise but you must bear in mind that spend, audiences and Microsoft features work in a very different way to Google’s – therefore we knew this was where the issue lay.

Although the account was up and running, no further investment was put into it due to the results so far. We know that Microsoft Ads can work just as well as Google Ads given the right attention and a specific strategy put in place, so we got started right away; we began with setting up a new bidding strategy, new keyword research and set up Microsoft specific features that would work well for Taunton’s revenue objectives.


Taunton Leisure’s thoughts

“… Since working with Mabo and Phoebe in particular on our Google Ads and Bing accounts we have seen great progress and expansion of our campaign types and reach to customers. Regular weekly catch ups and general communication, a great partnership, I would recommend.

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