Mabo Media have transformed our business!”


*First month of Mabo Media management vs previous month

The Framed Picture Company are a specialist framing and print company and members of the Fine Art Trade Guild. All their highest quality hand-made prints and frames are made by their expert framers in their North Yorkshire workshop.




The Framed Picture Company had a long established AdWords account prior to working with us but came on board following a recommendation. They didn’t feel they were getting a great return from their advertising spend which had been increasing in an attempt to achieve sales growth, but this wasn’t having the desired impact on sales. During the consultation process we recognised there was an issue with relevance of the searches being triggered due to the match types being utilised in the search campaigns, so advised that profitability could be significantly improved. 


The initial work was largely about cleaning up the account to minimise irrelevant traffic and we found huge cost savings in eliminating waste. While there was an intention to re-invest a proportion of that to be more aggressive with the higher quality traffic that remained, we took an honest approach (as we always do) and advised the client that a large chuck of those savings could be well utilised experimenting and investing in other marketing options. AdWords is a really powerful tool for driving sales but, as the client previously experienced, if you start to push for growth by expanding into poorer quality traffic the only pockets you’ll be lining are Google’s. We developed a Bing Ads account to replicate the profitable traffic we were then achieving through AdWords but that still left a very sizeable surplus budget the client was then able to re-invest elsewhere.



The impact was almost immediate as the restructure and waste cutting exercise took a matter of days and we began to optimise to maximise the profitable traffic. Within the first month costs had more than halved and yet we hadn’t only managed to maintain sales volume, we’d actually improved it (despite this all occurring outside of peak trading season). With further optimisation we did then start to see consistent sales growth, but this time even with a further improvement to profitability! Having extra budget to play with we began investment in remarketing and built campaigns targeting some of the other product offerings that Framed Picture Company had never previously advertised. This meant we were actually able to help generate a new customer mix and help the client diversify from sales well beyond just their core products.


Due to the cost savings from the AdWords account, alongside investing in new marketing methods the client was able to invest a lot more into product development. They have built a completely new range of products, to further grow their business, which of course we’ll be helping to advertise!

“Mabo Media have transformed our business! Before Mabo, we were growing quickly, but our Adwords account was out of control, so profitability was hit and miss. Mabo have reined in our Adwords account, more than halving spend, but delivering more conversions and importantly increasing the average order value by more than 25%! Performance month in month out has been absolutely consistent. This is EXCELLENT! Mabo provide a monthly report, a helpful overview from Stephen, our account manager, who also makes other clever and useful suggestions. All of this for a monthly management fee, which is significantly less than we were paying previously!!! I COULD NOT BE MORE PLEASED!”
James Fraser – Managing Director

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