“…Best AdWords company we have used…


*Q1 2017 vs Q1 2016 (Mabo started work Q3 2016)


Advertising alcoholic drinks online can be tricky with the various regulations and policies that need to be adhered too, but The Pip Stop had managed to get their products listed for Google shopping well before we became involved; the issue was that other than an occasional seasonal spike, they had struggled to achieve an acceptable ROI.


From analysing the search query reports it quickly became clear that branded searches were actually performing relatively well through shopping, but the generic terms (which were the higher volume and therefore higher spend ones) were heavily underperforming. Through search campaigns that’s easily remedied, but for Shopping campaigns it meant implementing a strategy that allowed us to control the bids for each single item on the basis of whether it had triggered a branded or generic search. By utilising negative keywords and manipulating priority settings in Google shopping we were able to achieve just that.


The return on investment impact was pretty instantaneous as we were able to quickly layer the bidding to spend much less on the generic terms and bid more aggressively on the branded terms. As we got more data we were able to take the optimisation further and we began to see far bigger orders than had previously been seen dropping in on a regular basis. And by remaining vigilant to any regulation and policy changes it meant we began to see a consistent good return for the first time in the accounts history.



We initially took over management of the account in the third quarter of the year, which really was always going to suit our reporting graphs, as there is a significant seasonal trend towards people buying more alcohol in the run up to Christmas. So while the early successes were great it wasn’t until the following years first quarter that we could really appreciate just how far we’d come. The year on year Q1 statistics at the top of the page speak for themselves!

Been very helpful in increasing our traffic and conversions whilst also making the most of the money provided. Best Adwords
company we have used and very efficient. Would highly recommend.

Ben Cleary | Manager

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