November 2017 vs November 2018

Objective and Focus

Troo Healthcare had a strong understanding of Google Ads, equipped with enough knowledge and capability to manage an account himself. However, successfully managing a Google Ads account is extremely time-consuming and as a business owner, your time is valuable. Before teaming up with Mabo, in hope of combating this issue and saving time, our client started using Marin software. Unfortunately, Marin software is extremely inefficient and expensive.


In addition to this, as a health supplement supplier, our client often found it tricky to overcome policy issues. Operating in an industry with many common misconceptions regarding policy can considerably lengthen the Google Ads process. As a result of this, Troo Healthcare found their ads getting flagged for things such as comments and/ or reviews containing terms that Google would typically block. This was obviously something that could be challenged, but our client didn’t have the time to fight this battle himself.

Creativity and Implementation

Our relationship with Google meant we were able to combat the policy issues very quickly. If an ad had been disapproved and we were confident it shouldn’t be, we are in the fortunate position as a Google Premier Partner to be able to challenge this decision. As we have a dedicated Google Agency Account Manager we were able to escalate any issues and queries and get solutions immediately.


When it comes to the focused management of the account, we introduced target CPA portfolio bid strategies. Adapting this strategy allowed us to successfully manage particular groups of products within the client’s large product range. The success that derived as a result of our management far exceed the results our client was previously achieving with Marin software. These results then gave Troo Healthcare the confidence to fully move away from the software, trusting us to use Google’s bid strategies rather than paid for strategies.


Finally, another exciting strategy we are about to embark on is a Bing Ads strategy. With this we are hoping to mirror and complement the success we have already achieved with Google Ads.


Since joining forces with Troo Healthcare, we have been able to continuously grow the Google Ads account year-on-year by 30%, and we do not anticipate this growth to reduce anytime in the near future. We are also achieving far better results than the Marin software our client was previously being charged excessive amounts for.

However, statistics and performance aside, the greater impact we have had on the business as a whole is by far the highlight of this case study. Allowing Mabo to take over management of their Google Ads has freed up the business owners time, enabling him to dedicate valuable time and energy into other areas of the business. This free time has afforded him the opportunity to develop complementary services, expand his business and build his brand.

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