Troo Healthcare increased revenue by 80.35% within their first year of
working with Mabo.


Troo Healthcare had a strong understanding of Google Ads and managed their account in house. Although successful to a degree, they have a lot of online products and this became very time consuming to manage alongside their day-to-day business and they needed to continue seeing revenue growth.

Troo Heathcare teamed up with Mabo with an objective to continue seeing revenue growth alongside building up trust to free up their time so they could focus on other areas of their business and allow Mabo to take the reins.

Troo Healthcares thoughts

Allowing Mabo to take over management of their Adwords has freed up the owners time, enabling them to dedicate valuable time and energy into other areas of the business. This free time has afforded him the opportunity to develop complementary services, expand his business and build his brand.

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