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Wearth London saw fantastic growth for their business during the UK Lockdown period through paid social advertising. 



Like a lot of retailers, the UK Lockdown period proved to be a testing time for Eco-Friendly retailer, Wearth London. This meant that a rethink of their paid social advertising, amongst other channels was an absolute must for them. That is where a partnership with the social team at Mabo began.

A huge part of Wearth London’s target customer base is people looking for gifts. The lockdown restrictions meant that simply popping to a store and buying a gift was no longer an option for people. Alongside gifts, their range of refillable and natural-alternatives to everyday essentials has helped them massively through lockdown. Wearth worked very closely with Mabo to look at how that market could be tapped into at a profitable level.

Chloe Moloney, Social Media Account Manager:

“I worked very closely with Wearth London and reviewed a lot of existing data, not just in their paid social advertising, but also through Google Analytics to help create a lot of different audience groups to help tap into this very lucrative gifting market during the lockdown. We reworked a lot of our ads and ad copy to reflect the current situation to help increase urgency and ultimately conversions. This meant we were able to sell a lot of products that we usually wouldn’t be able to during this time of year, which was huge for Wearth London.”


Wearth London’s thoughts

“Chloe works closely with us to ensure our messaging and content strategy is on point and executes this with precision. Mabo are a great extension to our marketing capabilities and would recommend to anyone who is looking for an honest and hard working marketing agency!”

Would you like to see results like what Wearth London seen from their paid social advertising? If so, get in touch. We would love to hear from you.