Your Google Shopping Agency.

Google shopping is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way to get your whole product range advertised on Google.
However, Google shopping is a different beast vs traditional text ad advertising and with them comes different optimising techniques. Shopping listings are driven largely by relevancy from the detail within your product feed and the search query performed on Google (of course, bidding plays a part too!). It takes commitment to get the best from managing shopping campaigns and sound knowledge is crucial in driving real performance.


Data analysis is absolutely key when managing Google shopping. We explore every single opportunity when making changes and managing shopping advertising. What products are purchased, when, which search term, which device, the geographical location etc. This is what makes Mabo a completely different proposition to other agencies. We are very granular and our attention to detail is extreme, we believe this is what’s necessary for being the best.


…not for brand building. This is where a lot of advertisers can often get their strategy wrong. When looking at what KPI’s (key performance indicators) have been hit, shopping gives very different results, not just from a return basis but site engagement statistics too. Engagement metrics such as average visit duration, bounce rate and pages per session are key metrics when determining success for any advertising campaign. When comparing shopping campaigns to standard search, shopping will always appear very poor. This is due to the user using google to shop rather than shopping on your website. A lot can be said for engaging people after they hit your site, it’s a crucial step in the path to purchase.

Want to generate a better return on your Google Shopping spend?
Find out how Mabo can help you.

Want to generate a better return on your Google Shopping spend? Find our how Mabo can help you.