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A lot of time, effort and money is spent on driving traffic through to your website, when optimising you try to make this traffic as high quality and engaging as possible. There is an endless list of reasons why users don’t convert, they could become distracted or simply not have enough time to checkout. Don’t waste this engagement! Whatever the reason they didn’t convert, with Google remarketing you have the opportunity to put your branding, your ad, your product and your USP’s back in front of users who have visited your site previously.

Google Remarketing Opportunities

Banner Remarketing

Yes. Those banners that follow you around. First thing to think about with remarketing banners is design. Your banner design has to be eye catching and relevant to re-engage with your customer. Here at Mabo we have an in house design team that specialise in designing eye catching, relevant and high performing remarketing banners.

Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Imagine a customer walked into your shop, picked up a product, looked at it for a while but became distracted and walked out. I bet you would love to get that product in front of your customer again (when they are less distracted). Well, dynamic remarketing allows you to do exactly that. If a customer visits your website and pays particular attention to certain products, you have the opportunity to re-target that user with the exact product/products they viewed. Our data analysts build audiences that show good intent and high engagement.

RLSA (Remarketing Lists For Search Audiences)

RLSA works in a similar way to the above but with one key difference, the ads are displayed on Google domains and not the display network. RLSA gives you yet another opportunity to re-engage with your customers, but not as obvious as external remarketing. As with most methods of PPC management, data is key.

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