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The oldest form of traditional Google Ads advertising. Text Ad advertising is something that is a form of PPC Management that requires a high caliber of research, analysis and creativity to help you get the best R.O.I. possible from your advertising.

For better results through text ad advertising, we always carry out high end:


Thorough research of keywords, competitors, audiences, user behaviour and so much more to help generate as many sales and enquiries as possible through your advertising.


We analyse every single piece of data possible through our clients Google Analytics account so we can make the best judgement when bidding on certain product ranges, demographics and times of the day. Anything that can help improve your R.O.I. we cover it.


Creativity is absolutely key here. Without writing a creative ad that engages with the user, you will not generate the click through and ultimately the sale.


Our constant optimisation and management undertakes all of the above to ensure we manage all standard search advertising campaigns in a way where we generate the best possible ROI for our clients. Certain measures such as quality score and Ad rank are imperative to help bring our clients cost down and revenue figures up.

Mabo are the specialist PPC Management agency to help drive your PPC advertising forward. To find out more about how our award-winning service, please complete the form below. A member of our team will soon be in touch.