Shopify Google Shopping App Update – Deadline Now Extended

Following on from our post about the potential trouble the Google Shopping App update may well be causing Shopify users in what is probably their biggest trading period of the year. Shopify have decided to extend the deadline until the new year!!!!!!

Celebrating the extension of the shopify google shopping update.

*Actual footage of Shopify retailers waking up this morning.

This now means that there is no need to panic, and all should be fine and well come the new year.

A huge positive from this is that Shopify have listened to what their retailers have said, and delivered a solution that fits their needs. A copy of the email they have circulated over the last few days is below:

shopify google shopping update email

If you are still worried or concerned about how this Shopify Google Shopping app update will affect your online store, our team is on hand to offer you any free advice or support that you may need. Feel free to give a member of our team a call on 01287 244080 or complete the contact form below.

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