Shopify Google Shopping App Update – What Does It Mean For You?

As of the 31st October, Shopify will have disabled their current Google Shopping App and will force every user to update their website with the new version.

At the time of writing this post, the initial feedback on the new Google Shopping app does not seem to be overly positive with an overall rating of 1.4 out of 5.

Google Shopping Shopify Reviews

Shopify is a fast growing ecommerce platform that powers some of the most powerful ecommerce retailers in the world. Because of this, I do not forsee them having issues for too long. But there are things you need to look very closely at if you have a Shopify website.

The new app will create a brand new feed for you, this generally does mean your feed would have to go through the review stage that can take up to 72 hours. Three days is a very long time for any online retailer to miss out on sales.

Shopify have granted their Google Shopping app users to be able to manage and create Google Shopping campaigns directly from the App. This does sound like it could be a plus point for some retailers, especially the smaller ones looking to maybe trial this channel.

For existing advertisers, I would stay away from this option. The control element of this is very minimal, you are leaving all of that in Google’s hands. Although Google are improving their automation and Smart Bidding features, they need more control and management than what this app can give you.

All in all, this could well be a very difficult time for Shopify websites advertising on Google Shopping, so make sure you speak to your web developer and Google Ads management agency to see what the best course of action may well be for you.

If you have a Shopify website and you are worried about how this will impact your business, the team at Mabo are on hand to help and advise you where we can. Contact a member of our team on 01287 244080 or complete the form below, and we will be in touch.

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