We’re looking for talented developers to join Mabo

We’re looking for talented developers to join our team and we want to hear from you.

As developers, the paths that we have taken to become who we are, know what we know and do what we do may differ, but our vision is the same: to write code that makes a difference.

With that path in mind, it makes sense that we like to showcase how we make a difference, in different ways – it could be a GitHub profile, a previous project or portfolio, or documented in a CV.

We’re looking for developers with the want to learn and the desire to make a difference.

We craft our best code when we’re happy – we offer a range of different projects and the opportunity to expand your knowledge, as well as a competitive salary (£20,000 – £24,000/year). We benefit from exclusive training, early-access software and regular visits to the likes of Google to remain ahead of the curve in paid search tech.

Here at Mabo, we’ve celebrated 2018 so far by being crowned Europe’s ‘Best Small PPC Agency’ in May, relocating to new 6,000 sq/ft office space in the heart of Middlesbrough and have now been shortlisted for the the UK’s ‘Best Large PPC Agency’. We take great pride in our team, our commitment to growth and our quality of service.

Mabo Media are recruiting for talented web developers in Middlesbrough

We work with a range of technologies and the opportunity to learn new skills and programming languages is ever-present. We currently work with the following technology and whilst we don’t expect you to be familiar with them all, knowledge of some items below would be beneficial;


> PHP,
> MySQL,
> JavaScript,


> Using Git & GitHub to create and manage project folders,
> Using Package Managers, such as Homebrew, npm or Yarn,
> Coding standards and style guides, such as PSR-2.

If you’d like to apply or would like to know a little more, you can get in touch with us by emailing dev@mabo.co.uk with any information you’d like to provide as part of your application. Once we’ve received your email, we’ll reach out to you as soon as we can, this will always be within 3 days.

If you’re a recruiter who has made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read, but we’re not looking to use an agency in our recruitment process.