The Advantages Of Dynamic Search Ads In Google AdWords.

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) offer better chances of valuable traffic, incremental reach, revenue and an overall better understanding of your customers’ behaviour.  This is all achieved by Dynamic search ads making sure your relevant user queries are covered. Dynamic search ads are easy to set up for your webpage, continuously advertise shifting product inventory and deep hidden content from within your website.

Dynamic Search uses advertisers’ websites to target their ads. This creates a much higher chance of an ad connecting to a unique search compared to individual keywords.

Easy To Set Up

Dynamic Search Ads uses Google’s organic indexing of your webpage to match search queries with the content of your webpage without the need for you to add any keywords. Setting up a Dynamic search campaign to cover your entire webpage is simple and easy:

  1. Firstly, set up a Search Only campaign and select Dynamic Search Ads as campaign type, add your domain under campaign settings.

2. Select the Auto Target categories (the sections of your webpage) you want to be able to monitor and put specific bids on – don’t forget to include All web pages to cover the entire page.

3. Create an ad by adding a description text – headlines and URL will be automatically generated based on the search query and where AdWords finds a match with the content on your webpage.

Stop Missing Valuable Traffic

Even with the best managed keyword accounts you can miss traffic. Dynamic search ads ensure that you are covered with relevant user queries that will help you acquire a strong understanding of your customers’ behaviour.

Impressive Bid Strategies

Automatic bid strategies like;

  • Enhanced CPC, which is a bid strategy that adjusts your cost per click to help maximise conversions.
  • Target CPA, which is an AdWords Smart Bidding strategy that sets bids to help get as many conversions as possible at the target cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Target ROAS, which lets you bid based on a target return on ad spend (ROAS). This AdWords Smart Bidding strategy helps you get more conversion value or revenue at the target return on ad spend you set.

These bid strategies paid with the use of leverage machine learning help you set the right bid for every individual auction. They also set bids in real time and include a large variety of signals, making them the best way to optimise your bidding to drive conversions.


Outperforms Keywords

As seen with the data below, for the average advertiser, DSA targeting generates 15% more clicks, 30% higher CTRs, 30% lower CPCs and 35% lower CPAs compared to keyword performance.

The Potential Pitfalls

While Dynamic Search ads have many positives, there are also certain pitfalls that advertisers should be aware of. The disadvantages are due to a lack of control that you would normally have with individual keywords.

For example, Google has full control of the search terms. This means you cannot bid on anything specific and prioritise individual search queries. This will affect overall optimisation as it limits your A/B testing. Ad text also can be quite limiting as it is automatically generated and may not be able to relay your company message or various USP’s.



Overall, Dynamic Search ads are easy to set up with very little steps and time required. They also offer
incremental ad traffic with valuable customer insights. The impressive bid strategies allow you to set the right bid for every auction and on average outperform keywords used by advertisers.

While there are some pitfalls, the positive greatly outweighs the negative due to high standard results given by Dynamic Search ads to advertisers.

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