What is TrueView advertising and how do I advertise on YouTube?


Here at Mabo we have video specialisation certification from Google which means we are deemed as specialists when it comes to managing advertising on YouTube for our clients. But not everyone knows how to advertise on YouTube and even fewer advertisers are aware of what TrueView is.

That is why we have put together this very simple guide as to what exactly TrueView is and why you should consider it in your PPC advertising mix.

What is TrueView?

TrueView is Google’s PPC platform for advertising your video through YouTube. It is a brilliant platform that is not just simply a channel where you can upload videos. It is very clever in how it protects the advertiser, as well as the user.

Here is how:

If you have ever viewed a video on YouTube, or through another channel you might be familiar with Ads that will automatically play before your chosen video begins. There is an option for you to click to skip that Ad after 5 seconds.

As a user you know you will only have 5 seconds of advertising if you don’t feel engaged, so you don’t feel bombarded with advertising every time you want to view a video. This is obviously fair enough as without the users on their site how can Google then sell the advertising?

Then Google go on to protect the advertiser by ensuring that they will never have to pay when the user does not view your Ad. How good is that?

The video below explains simply what TrueView is & how it works by using puppies. Now who doesn’t like puppies.

Is Video Advertising for you?:

One thing I will say is that video advertising will not work for everyone. But in an ever changing digital landscape you have to ensure you explore every opportunity available to you.

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