Two New Audience Targeting Options Introduced To Google Ads

Google announced that two new audience targeting options will be introduced for advertisers over the next few weeks.

Two New Audience Targeting Options Introduced To Google Search Campaigns

In the coming weeks, advertisers will be able to use affinity audiences and seasonal event segments for in-market audiences to reach their target audiences.

Affinity Audiences 

Affinity audiences have been available for Google Display Network and Video campaigns for years. These audiences are centralised around interests that have been built up over time by browsing behaviour. Here advertisers are able to target their potential customers based on relevant interests.

This kind of audience is perfect for advertisers running higher-funnel awareness campaigns.

In-market Seasonal Event Segments 

Google introduced in-market audiences to Google Search in 2017. Here, these audiences are devised around buyer intent signals. So, this could include activity such as recent search queries they’ve been entering on Google or their previous browsing activity. Just in time for the festive season, Google has made the decision to  add in-market seasonal segments such as Black Friday and Christmas to both Search and YouTube.

Obviously you’re not going to want to target all of your potential customers with Christmas gifts, which is why Google have given advertisers the option to layer this seasonal segment in addition to their other targeting. This will essentially allow advertisers to reach Christmas shoppers who are already interested in, and looking to purchase the kind of products they sell.

This audience type is perfect for those who are looking to reach customers who may be a little further down the buying funnel and are just in the preparation stage of making a purchase.