Updates To The Bing Ads Mobile App


The Bing Ads mobile app now allows users to quickly navigate between accounts, add funds and view actionable insights.

Bing ads app

Last Thursday, Bing Ads revealed a new update to their mobile app. In addition to the older features, the app now supports multi-user access and the ability to add fund for prepaid accounts.

For advertisers looking after several accounts under one email, you are now able to easily switch between accounts in the app using multi-user sign on.

You are also able to see an overview of how all your accounts are performing at a glance. This can be refined by date range and metrics such as spend, conversions or revenue to take a more granular look at the accounts.

Finally, if your accounts billing purposes are set up as prepay, you are able to add funds directly from the app. In addition, if notifications are enabled, you will receive a notification alerting you when your campaigns have been paused due to insufficient funds. Advertisers are then given the option to add funds and apply the existing payment method you’ve already set up.

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