By Matthew Soakell | PPC Account Manager Mabo Media

The latest instalment of our “funny things found in search query reports” blog. See what random things people have searched for on Google in February 2018. Remember that 51% of searches on Google are unique, so we always enjoy checking the search term query reports as there’s always some gold awaiting us, so enjoy our most recent findings!

shower disco lights

Don’t you just hate it when you’re bored in the shower and need to liven the place up? Well, turns out you’re not the only one… Here’s a classic example of a lavish lifestyle, or as it’s often referred to as, having more money than sense. Whatever next, baths with a mini-bar? Actually, that sounds like a good idea…

(Account industry – bathrooms)

Minecraft please

Alright, I get it, you really, really want a Minecraft game, but stop talking to Google like you would your mum! In all seriousness, this is something we’re seeing more and more of due to the rise in voice-activated searches.

(Account industry – test equipment)

android ios phone

Not sure where to start on this one as there’s clearly a lack of understanding from the user, who seems to be searching for a hybrid device. That said, I did contemplate getting a Google Pixel 2 recently as the camera is superb, and then I remembered that the OS is Android, so if someone did want to patent an iOS device with some of the really cool Pixel 2 features, they might be onto something!

(Account industry – test equipment)

Vegas survival kit

“We had a sick night, bitches” comes to mind. In all fairness, if you’re going to Vegas for a stag or hen do, you can’t blame this user; they’re obviously planning for a messy time.

(Account industry – test equipment)

lego costume

They say you should never grow up, but maybe in this instance, you should. Okay, so maybe that’s a little harsh, but once you’re all costumed up, what do you do?

(Account industry – art)

Charlie the abusive teddy bear

This is possibly the best one yet, in the short history of bringing you the funny things that are spotted in search term query reports. Of all the things a teddy bear shouldn’t be, it’s abusive. I’m imagining some sort of Ted meets Lotso kind of character here. Terrifying!

(Account industry – Luxury home goods)

R2D2 Phone

So first there are people wanting iOS Android smartphone, and now we have people wanting R2-D2 phones! I understand this person is probably just after a phone case or a handset that looks like R2-D2, but if they’re not, I want to know what’s going through their head.

(Account industry – art)

Be sure to check back next month for another update of some of the best and bizarre search terms seen in our accounts!

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