What Are Google Smart Campaigns?

Smart Campaigns are extremely easy to launch, automated campaigns that make use of machine learning technology.

In essence, this means that you don’t have to control:

Instead, Google makes those decisions for you.

Since Smart Campaigns are mostly automated, the biggest benefit to using them is that they allow small business owners to reap the benefits of Google Ads, without having to have extensive knowledge and available time to manage the account. The most ideal Smart Campaigns user would probably look like this:

In addition to saving time, there are also many more benefits to using Smart Campaigns.

  • For businesses owners who have never used Google Ads before, Smart Campaigns allow them to get in front of customers they were possibly unable to reach by making use of Google’s behavioral, location and device signals.
  • Not only do Smart Campaigns allow advertisers to quickly create ads, but they also require minimal ongoing management, meaning that little to no input is required from the business owner.
  • As with most Ads, you will only be charged when your ad is clicked and just like set up, Google has made it very easy to review the results and performance of your Smart Campaigns.

For businesses wanting to get started quickly with Google Ads, Smart Campaigns are perfect due to the simplicity of it all, but this simplicity is restrictive and the lack of control within Smart Campaigns can hinder business growth. However, for anyone who is looking to grow their business through Google Ads as a long-term solution and really make an impact with it, then advertising through a full account is definitely the way forward.

Although an easy option, the lack of control within Smart Campaigns can pose a few challenges to advertisers. By handing over full responsibility to Google themselves, you are essentially giving them full control over your advertising, and most importantly your budget. By managing Google Ads yourself or even trusting a PPC Management Agency to look after it, you are able to have full control over your budget and manage bids at a much more granular level. Ultimately, this control over budget allows you increase and decrease investment accordingly and as a result, benefit from an increased return on investment from your advertising.

Similarly, as you are probably well aware, Google is constantly making updates and introducing new features to improve and diversify their advertising platform. With this in mind and due to the simplicity of Smart Campaigns, advertisers using them, therefore, aren’t able to fully exploit every opportunity available to them. As a specialist PPC Management Agency and Google Premier Partner, we live and breathe Google Ads to make sure we are at the forefront of every single development and can, therefore, reflect these updates in our service.

On a final note, it’s vital to remember that your customers are the most important factor in any advertising you are investing in. As a Google Ads advertiser, having access to and control over your Audience settings is pertinent to the success of your Ads. With Smart Campaigns, the ability to fully control your audiences and control your targeting options is removed. This, therefore, limits your ability to deliver relevant ads to your most valuable clients.

If you are a small business owner looking to get started with Google Ads, then Smart Campaigns are a brilliant place to start, they require little to no maintenance and are relatively risk-free.

However, if you are an existing Google Ads advertiser, Smart Campaigns are not the best option. If you are looking to increase sales, maximise ROAS and ultimately grow your business through Google Ads, then contact Mabo today.

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