What IF Extended Text Ads Got Better?


It’s no surprise that Google would be looking to roll out new features to spice up the ETA’s since they got rid of Standard Ad Texts, but they were not messing around with how long it would take for us to get them. Introducing the AdWords IF Functions.

This new feature is something we’re really excited about here at Mabo, and for good reason.

So What Are IF Functions?

IF Functions are basically a super-cool ad customiser which doesn’t use a feed. IF Functions allow us to insert specific messages in an ad text when a certain condition is met and a default ad text when it is not. This means we can start tailoring our ads based on either device or audience which results in a highly relevant ad text.

Taking a look at the device function for example, if you have just recently launched a fancy new mobile version of your site in an effort to get more traffic and custom, then with IF functions you could tailor your ad text to read “New Mobile Friendly Site” just to mobile users. This makes users aware of the site being new and also mobile friendly which eliminates any risk of the site being old and outdated or even worse, a desktop version of a site (constantly zooming in and out just to find your way around, exhausting).

Now if you’ve got your head screwed on and make full use of audiences then you can have a real good time with IF Functions. You can include any valid audience with IF Functions and more than one at a time. For example if you’ve got a cart abandoners audience, those users who like to tease you with a full basket and then click off the site, you can amend your text just to cart abandoners with a special offer to try and lure them back in and complete the purchase. So you could give them 10% off and the ad would read “Get 10% Off Today” just to that audience, the 10% off should be enough to get them back for the purchase but “Today” creates a sense of exclusivity.

How Do They Work?

It’s very easy to get your head round IF Functions, even if you’re not massively experienced in ad customisers. By inserting a parameter in an ad it is able to change dependent on conditions in which you have created.

As I mentioned earlier, a feed isn’t required with IF Functions, it works with the conditions you have created yourself. If an error occurs or something goes wrong with the IF Function the ad will revert back to the default version so not to worry.

To make sure nothing goes wrong, double check your punctuation is in the correct place, I know any form of code can be a bit scary but you’ll be fine, I only know very basic code but got to grips with this fairly quickly.

The Different Types of IF Function

Device-Specific IF Functions

This is the example Google has given us. Since the arrival of ETAs there hasn’t been an easy way to create ads specifically for mobile, well IF Functions gives us that power back. All we need to do now is specify which device you want to tailor your ad to. Write in both the modified and control versions of the ad copy and you’ve got yourself a mobile-specific ETA.

Audience-Specific IF Functions

Now the audience-specific IF Functions aren’t as simple as the mobile because they introduce an extra parameter, which is the audiences. Be sure to check for any spelling mistakes in the audience name and like the mobile-specific, check the punctuation. You can add as many audiences as you want but only one modification to your ad copy.

How To Get The IF Functions In Your Account

Get yourself into the Ad Group you want to get started with, into the Ad tab and click the red Ad button.

When the good old drop down appears click on Text Ad.

Now you’ve got your text ad boxes ready the IF Function process starts. You can use IF Functions everywhere except the Final URL. When you know where the IF Function is going clear the text field and insert a brace (or a weird opening bracket: {). This will open the door to a drop down menu, click on the “IF function”.

For Device

As I mentioned, device IF Functions are easier to implement, especially as the formula appears when you click on the IF function on the previous drop down, you just need to complete the default and modified copy. The formula is below:

{=IF(device=mobile, text to insert):default text}

For Audience

Now for audience IF Functions you need to identify which audiences you want to use for the alternate ad, make sure the audience names don’t have any mistakes! To add multiple audiences simply add commas. Then follow the same process device IF Functions. The formula is below:

{=IF(audience IN(<userlist1,<userlist2>,text to insert):default text}

What’s Next?

Now you’ve got things going with the IF Functions in your account the next step is to become an ETA wizard and start A/B testing.

A/B is all about experimenting to find the best ad text, so have a play around with the IF Functions, implement them in different text fields and see which works best for your account, have fun & good luck!

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