Why You Need Both Organic & Paid Social Media

Utilising Social Media to drive business results can be overwhelming and tricky. Unfortunately social won’t allow for a lackadaisical approach. If you are to reach your valued customers on this platform the best approach is a carefully thought out comprehensive strategy that really engages the customer on their level. 

Simply running ads will only ever be one side of the story. Our team often sees accounts where ads are being run but business and client relationships are lost through a lack of care taken in posting organically and responding to messages. If your organic approach lets you down it may throw a spanner in what you are trying to achieve. 

If organic was a seed paid would be the fertilizer, organic without paid will grow very slowly. Paid without organic will always be hindered by a lack of substance. 

Social media always works best when organic content works alongside paid advertising. This is because organic posts help to:

  • Build brand authority 
  • Generate interest in your product or service
  • Build a community
  • Develop trust in your product or service
  • Engage with existing and potential customers 
  • Learn about your existing and potential customers
  • Deliver excellent customer service

Posting regularly to achieve these results is important. An engaged social media community helps the ads run more smoothly for three reasons:

  1. We can use ‘social media engaged’ audiences set to 30/ 90/ 180 days in the past. The more people in this audience the strong the results for this advert becomes. 
  2. Customers viewing an advert may go to the page to learn more or follow the account, without regular engaged activity the customer may be lost at this point.
  3. Customers viewing the page may wish to ask a question by messaging the page if they assume that no one is present they may look elsewhere.

Business ads and organic content creation work hand in hand to provide the strongest customer experience and therefore results for your business.

Having a plan of approach will help you work through utilising these two aspects of social media and building a strong foundation for your success.