Your New Year PPC Survival Guide

survival guide

I get it, you don’t really want to be thinking about New Year and going back to work before you’ve finished work for Christmas, but, it’s a must if you’re going to start the year as you (hopefully) end it. So let’s go; below are the the key considerations for not only surviving, but smashing your New Year PPC.

Budget & Bids

Unfortunately, there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to bid management, although whatever industry you are in, it’s essential that you react fast to shifting trends where competition and the auction is concerned. Push the good areas, pull back from the poor areas – in a nutshell!

With budgets, you are going to want to ensure that you’re not limited by budget, as if you are you risk losing impression share because your ads might stop showing at certain points of the day. If you’re a fashion retailer for example, this could be disastrous because you might be getting clicks during the day, but when people get home from work on a night and look to buy the three things they found on their lunch hour and your ads don’t show, you could potentially lose out on sales.

PPC Survival Guide

Know Your Audience

So you’ve set your sale ads up, but to really make use of some great strategy available, create remarketing lists (RLSAs) based on users who’ve visited your site but maybe haven’t got round to buying just yet. You could even create audiences based on users who’ve been on site in the last 7 days and have zero transactions; this is a group of people who’ve browsed and could still be looking for that great deal to spend their Christmas money on.

Go one further with a similar audience and create one for users who’ve visited the site between 26th December and 2nd January and have viewed the basket page but haven’t checked out – it’s worth having a real positive bid adjustment on these users as they’re probably still interested in the product(s), so go on, re-engage with them through RLSA.

January Sales

As I mentioned in the Black Friday piece recently, ensuring that you have your ads up to date where sale are concerned is a must.

If you’re running some January sales in an attempt to shift stock, or to just bring in some new customers who are looking to blow away those January blues, make use of promotion extension and updated ad copy that relates to your current sale. A top tip here is to use messages like ‘Hurry, Ends Soon’ in your ad text, which creates urgency and entices the user in.

Utilise The Google Display Network

Following on from one form of remarketing, you also have the option to try to engage with users who’ve visited your site or even viewed specific products by using dynamic remarketing. Again, be creative with your audiences, get some ad groups set up, get your ads out on to the Google Display Network (GDN) and tempt those users who aren’t yet customers.

One thing worth bearing in mind where display ads are concerned is that they can come across as spammy, especially if you keep seeing the same ad over and over again. Whilst as a retailer that might seem like a great idea – constantly showing users your ads – it’s worth setting a frequency cap. This can be applied to each ad, each ad group or a whole campaign and can be set to a certain number of impressions per user per day, per week or per month.

Years Gone By

Finally, it’s maybe worth checking what happened last January; you’re looking for trends and shifts out of the ordinary, certain peak days that spent more budget than normal, search terms that your ads triggered for – relevant or not. This way you’re prepared for whatever January throws at you and you can react and not be too flustered by something that you can easily spot now and save yourself the hassle and stress!

As a new year comes around, new challenges will present themselves to Google Ads advertisers. For more information on how to get the most out of your Google Ads next year, please complete the form below and a member of our award-winning team will be in touch.