YouTube Introduce A New Campaign Type

YouTube has introduced a new way for advertisers to run video ad campaigns. The new Video Reach campaign type allows advertisers to upload multiple videos within one single campaign.

YouTube Introduce New Campaign Type

For advertisers, this latest update means they are now able to upload up to three different asset types within one ad.

Experts explain that “this will allow for optimized, more effective campaigns and free up your time to focus on more strategic priorities that can differentiate your business”. It’s said that this new campaign type could potentially reduce campaign costs by up to 20%. This could include:

  • Six-second bumper ads,
  • Skippable in-stream ads,
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads.

From here, Google will make use of automation and machine learning to serve what it believes to be the best combination of ads to maximise audience reach.

This update should prove to be really beneficial as it essentially removes the guesswork for advertisers. In addition to this announcement, when revealing Video Reach campaigns, YouTube also revealed plans to bring TrueView for action ads back to the YouTube home feed – so keep an eye on our blog to be the first to find out about that!