What are Shopping Results on Google and How Do I Advertise There?


The Google search results are constantly changing to reflect the user’s need for information and results easily and quickly. One thing Google have put a lot of emphasis on developing over the last few years is Google Shopping.

Google Shopping Results

Google shopping has come under various pseudonyms during its time such as Google Base, Froogle, Product Listing Ads to name but a few.

Google Shopping was a free tool for advertisers to begin with, being primarily used as a price comparison tool. But it wasn’t until Google realised they could make it worth while to charge advertisers on their CPC model, as well as making it a useful tool for its users that they really started to push it.

From 2012 onwards, Google moved their shopping platform into a paid model for advertisers and they have continuously developed this so firstly they can generate a return from this channel. But secondly, so that the user can find what they want very quickly and easily. We live in the age of convenience now and search engines such as Google have recognised this, which is why we’ve seen a huge push on the shopping platform over the last 5 years..

Who is Google Shopping for?

Google Shopping is available to e-commerce retailers who want to advertise their products via Google’s search results. This is not a channel for lead generation websites. Nor is it one for people who have products that require a quotation process. It is purely for people who have products at a set price that can be purchased directly through the site.

How do I advertise on Google Shopping?

You advertise through Google Shopping via Google’s PPC platform Google AdWords. The process you must follow to advertise there is below:

Setting up a Google Merchant Centre account:

Once you have set up your Merchant Centre account, you will have to set up a product feed from your website, in order to link up to your Merchant Centre. One thing you must do at this point is speak to your web developer as you could streamline this whole process if you can use a plug-in for this.

Once your Merchant Centre account is working and your products are feeding correctly, you are then ready to set up your AdWords account. If you do not have an AdWords account then contact a member of our team today and they will be able to assist you.

Make sure your AdWords account is linked to your merchant centre > Create a campaign in Adwords selecting the shopping optionFollow the guides to ensure this gets set up with your required budget and products.

This is just a very, very simple overview on how to actually advertise through Google Shopping. There are so many more complexities when it comes to optimising your shopping campaigns and generating a profitable return.

For more information on how Mabo can help you out with this, please contact a member of our team today on 01287 244080 or complete the contact form below.

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