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Chances are in 2020 if it hadn’t already, your business entered the world of digital. Certainly in the early days of Covid-19 businesses took a reactive approach in an attempt to stay afloat during a global pandemic. It certainly was a good year for digital which already was the fastest-growing sector. As we head to 2021 it’s time to take stock and be proactive as we look to hopefully leave Covid-19 behind.  

Social Media has undoubtedly been one of the major contributors to business success in 2020. Long gone are the days where social media was simply a way of staying in touch with friends and family. With over 3.5 billion users worldwide spending an average of 3hrs a day engaging with their social networks, social media marketing is constantly picking up speed. 

Are you wondering how social media can benefit your business? Questioning whether you are getting maximum performance from your social media? Perhaps it is time to start considering the potential developments on the way.

The New Facebook Storefront

During 2020, Facebook has been making inroads into eCommerce as this is expected to be their major focus in 2021. The aim is for businesses to be able to host Shops on Facebook and Instagram, which simplifies the process of building an eCommerce outlet on the world’s most used digital platform. Marketing theory has pretty much always recognised that taking the customer on the shortest journey is best and when fully operational this will certainly be the case with the introduction of Facebook Pay which will simply one-click purchasing options. If Facebook can get it right, which they usually do, this could be a major shift, fueling a new wave of eCommerce activity – which is why looking further into Facebook Shops should be a key priority for retail providers.


Instagram is part of Facebook and as such the developments in eCommerce will also have a significant impact on the platform. As the most significant visual platform in-stream shopping is expected to have a huge impact alongside the new Shop tab. The Instagram version Reels, may not be as popular as the aforementioned TikTok however, with threats of bans hanging over the platform and the power of Instagram it’s certainly worth staying aware of.


LinkedIn surpassed 700 million members in 2020 as the jobs market fluctuated due to the pandemic and businesses took to the platform to market their B2B services. Virtual events became a key focus in 2020, and LinkedIn shifted to cater to this by rolling out its own events tools and integrating its live-stream functionality.


Twitter stands out as being perhaps the most unchanged platform and is probably the most restrictive content-wise anyways. However, 2020 saw the introduction of Fleets which is similar to Instagram stories. The platform remains popular as ever as was demonstrated during the United States election.

Mabo Social 

Here at Mabo, we have been working in Social Media collectively for well over ten years. We have seen the shape of Social Media Marketing change and flip as new rules, tools and strategies change and update. We take pride in staying up to date with all social developments so our clients don’t have to. We concentrate on understanding our clients’ businesses and then combine our social expertise to maximise results with the right strategy across the right platforms. 

Mabo is a recognised Facebook Marketing Partner and as such we receive tools, resources, training, support, events and recognition. All this benefits us as an agency, alongside our clients, who benefit from our strong relationship with Facebook in the professional service alongside excellent results. 

Do you want help with managing your social accounts? Including Facebook? Contact our amazing social team NOW.